The K.S.I. Medical was founded in the early 1960s, initially as the Joint Trusts' with K S I Jamat Mumbai, before changing its Managing Committee to present Managing Committee in 1980. It is an association of member’s that work together and individually to give young people the best start in life through supporting their home circumstances and facilitating a good education. Each member charity is independent and has its own criteria for making awards.

The Managing Committee Member’s meets twice a year or as many as time needed in Mumbai and  take cares of each & every affairs  in grants of over $ 6.25 lac  each academic year.

The Mission of K.S.I. Medical is to provide scholarships to every poor & needy student who has financial constraints, enabling them to achieve basic education which is a compulsorily requirement for  professional success as engineers and doctors and chartered accountants and MBA degree and so on. Your help goes a long way in this achievement’s.

Every cent of the donation goes directly to the scholar. All administrative costs are covered by the founder. Our alumni scholars pledge to contribute back and support future students. Donations are tax deductible in India.


  • 3975
    Students supported in last 3 years.
  • 2265
    Family supported with grain in last year during Ramazaan Campaign.
  • We do medical help person to person & case to case basis.
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